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If You Teach, Students Will Learn.

"Teaching... It energizes my own process, all the while inspiring others --What could be better?"

There is something very invigorating about having an audience of curious minds who are ready to learn what you love to do! What could be better? Having a background in art education really added another level to my creativity. It's one thing to be creative, but it is a whole other ball game when you can influence others through your craft. Art by its nature is isolating-- teaching a classroom of aspiring creatives works twofold; it energizes my own process all the while inspiring others.

The classroom is so alive with life, questions, and obstacles. No two classes are ever the same, no matter how similar the subject matter. A classroom's dynamic is constantly changing, constantly reminding you that it is impossible to plan for everything --you just have to read, react, and follow your instincts. 

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"I thought everyone grew up with an art teacher?"

It wasn't until later in life that I realized just how many have gone unsupported in their creative endeavors. So having the opportunity to encourage others creativity is a privilege.  I very much identify with the philosophy: Where there is curiosity there is potential talent. 

"Teaching is a way to overcome the all-too-common idea that artistic skill is a 'gift' that is handed to only the 'lucky'."

Nothing motivates me more than to overcome the notion that artistic talent is bestowed upon a select few individuals. When a student is scared to create, it makes me teach a little bit harder. Overcoming such stereotypes is like running up a the proverbial hill, but more often than not these preconceived notions serve only to assuage the feelings of self-doubt. If I can get a student to overcome these feelings of self-doubt and just practice, I know I did my job. 

Irrefutably genetics play a part in our development, but it is commitment and discipline that drives our passions to new heights. Consider that your creativity could be just a couple hours of practice away!