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Seein’ Double

Custom images created for the newly renovated Double Tree by Hilton, located in Bloomfield, MI. Standing 9’ tall, these pieces will be installed along side Pavlicks’ other work, Andy’s Polaroided Selfie (click to view).

Retired Santa   acrylic on canvas | 36” x 36”

Retired Santa

acrylic on canvas | 36” x 36”

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Kristin was proud to be 1 of the 6 artists selected to participate in the very first Public Art Project for the City of Boca Raton (Pavlick is seen above putting the final touches of her mural inspired by the site’s location, The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center). Read full article here.

Gumbo Louis the First    Acrylic, Latex + Spray Paint | 6ft x 20ft   Installed at 1400 N. Ocean Drive Boca Raton, FL 33432

Gumbo Louis the First

Acrylic, Latex + Spray Paint | 6ft x 20ft Installed at 1400 N. Ocean Drive Boca Raton, FL 33432

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In the Press

Kristin was recruited to participate in a group show for the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, entitled ‘Play With Your Food!’. Her previous work, The Meat and the Market(click to view), peaked the attention of the show’s curator who asked Kristin to create a new work that aligned with the upcoming show. With a deadline and venue in place, Pavlick created the work Hog’s Heaven’ (click to view) to investigate gluttony. If you look a little closer, you will see Kristin takes the term ‘finger food’ to new level.

See full article in the Palm Beach Daily News here. See additional article in the Palm Beach Florida Weekly here.

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Kristin Pavlick_I love delray_mobile mural.png
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Kristin Pavlick_Greetings from Delray Beach.png

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The Alcove: Palm Tree Bark part 2.

This is the second commission featuring palm tree bark as it's primary medium. This work was designed specifically in scale and color for the alcove (seen above), to be viewed adjacent to it predecessor (seen below).  "The Alcove" stands 48" tall and 36" wide, finished in layers of acrylic paint, resin and affixed to a wooden panel.

 The Wall: from Found to Custom.

Kristin was commissioned to transform a two-story wall --this declared 'gigantic wall' has been staring, laughing at its homeowners for a three years. Centrally located in the home, the pressure to find something 'right' never crossed their path. So when Kristin presented the idea to use 'palm tree bark' in an oversized, dynamic wall-sculpture they were beyond curious to watch her idea come to life.  

Pavlick, always excited to re-think the conventional, jumped at the opportunity to collect the material that she has walked by countless times before. The 'palm tree bark'  was malleable, lightweight and came in countless variations. It challenged her to find how to marry such inconsistencies, both in placement and in color usage. She declares, "it was all of the irregularities that drove the process to completion, piecing it together like a puzzle." 

In the end, Pavlick created an exciting display of energy, elevating the 'palm tree bark' to new heights-- literally.  


Soreide Front.jpg


 A Gift: and a Document.

Pavlick (shown) painting live at The Children's Bereavement Center's (CBC) signature event, Rocking the Green--  was a night to honor the CBC's co-founding couple, Mindy and James Cassel. Kristin was commissioned to commemorate not only an evening of celebration but to also pay tribute to the couple's extraordinary commitment to the CBC's cause. 

And so with a canvas and paint brush in hand Kristin took to the challenge, capturing the full context of couple's contribution and the all of the energy that surrounded this special evening.  

 A Family Portrait: Photography + Painting.

Original Black and White Photographs

Original Black and White Photographs

Kristin was approached with an exciting opportunity to execute a family vision; take old family photos and reinvent them into fresh, new works of art. All three, black and white photos are vintage Americana photographed in the 1930's. Pavlick attacked the challenge from a mixed media approach. All created on 17" x 22" wood panel, each photograph inspired its own unique painting, layered atop with the original photo(s), and encased in a deep resin pour-- unifying painting and photography seamlessly.  



Creative Commissioning: Abra'HOP Lincoln. 


When 26 Degrees Brewing knocked on Kristin's door, Pavlick jumped at the opportunity to take on a 30 ft. (plus) wall!

Kristin took to the drawing board-- wanting to add a 'new' element to something 'old'. Ultimately deciding to incorporate a part of the brewing process, Pavlick builds Abe's beard entirely out of Hops. And just as the Hop is embedded within the brewing process, today you can find Kristin's 8 ft. Abra'HOP Lincoln standing tall in the brewhouse's vibrant, creative culture. 

You can check out her process below, from the first sketch to Abra'Hop Lincoln's installation.