Discover custom art. Find out just how simple it is to submit your ideas and make your imagination come to life. Join in the creative process today!

Be instrumentally involved in the creative process!

Kristin loves to assist her clients in creating their own visions. She has streamlined the creative process in order to make your ideas easily communicated. Her number one goal is that you love the end product! 

How to submit my ideas?

Select "Add to Cart" and you will promptly be asked to complete a questionnaire guiding you through all aspects of your project. It is also asks that you submit at least 5 different pictures that visually describe your vision. And, of course, specific dimensions, what materials/finishes you wished to be used etc. will be prompted as well. 

What if I don't know exactly what I want?

Kristin understands that this can be hard to ask for exactly what you want to see. And because communication is so important in this process, you have the option to ask for a 30 min consult phone call or skype conversation to assist you in this brainstorming process.  

How will I know the direction of the work is on the right track?

After you submit your ideas, Kristin will create a sketch based off of your information your supplied (i.e. photos, phone consultation, etc.)  

How much is it?

A $100 deposit will be collected at the time you submit your order (simply press 'add cart' button to begin this process). This will commit you the project and will be deducted from the total cost of your artwork. For example: if you if you decide that you want a 20" x 20" canvas at a $1.25 / sq in. The total cost of your artwork is $500 less the $100 deposit. Now depending on size, as well as, your choice of finishing (stretching vs flat canvas) there could be additional costs. You will be notified promptly with an additional quote once we receive your request. 

How long will it take? Are there rush order options?

Plan to allow 21 days of studio time to complete your artwork. Please allow for shipping time in addition to the lead time.  Last minute works can be negotiated depending on the demands of the project. Please submit all necessary details. If you production time is impossible your $100 deposit will be refunded immediately. 

Do you get to see the work before it ships?

Yes! Before final payments (art work must be paid for in full by the time it ships), you will receive a photo of the work. This is the time that final adjustments can be made to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.  

What if this is a Gift?

Your work will include the original sketch, any notes taken during the creative process, and you are welcome to include an additional 'gift note'!