Kristin Pavlick Pop Art Portrait Dear Marilyn.JPG
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Kristin Pavlick Pop Art Portrait Dear Marilyn.JPG
Marylin Interior _KristinPavlick.png
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Alive with Expression. This Pop Culture Icon Needs No Introduction.

This pop inspired portrait will instantly rev up your collection. Enjoy a combination of finishes; the flat of the latex + the gloss of the spray paint. Find it's richness built in layers, resulting in complex tonal shifts-- DEAR MARILYN, will always ask you for just one more glance. 

Please Note this work is currently stretched on a 1 1/2 " (3.81 cm) stretcher bar, unframed. 

  • Dimensions: 54" (h) x 54" (w) x 1.5" (d)
  • Metric Dimensions: 137.16 cm (h) x 137.16 cm (w) x 3.81 cm (d)
  • Materials: Acrylic + Latex + Spray Paint
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DEAR MARILYN, kicked off a series of pop inspired work. Being heavily influenced by Andy Warhol, I thought it was time to go back and rediscover my passions for the work. In flipping through a standard Pop Art book, I found myself stuck on Andy's portrait of Marilyn. Curious at the power of art and its ability to marry these two icons into our working memories forever-- I questioned Andy's interest in Marilyn as a subject, was it in her life or in her death?  Consequently, thoughts on greatness, repetition, consumption, and influence, etc. started bubbling to the surface and so I knew I had to proceed with a series of work. But most importantly, it is my point of view that it is our responsibility to examine our Visual Culture-- instead of just consuming 'it' that drives my passion throughout the series. 

As for this particular image,  it was her sadness, a sense of desperation I saw that motivated me to go beyond the taken for granted iconic imagery and discover her story...